The Department of Labor (US) has a tool that allows you to search products that are at risk of being produced by child or slave labour

MVO Nederland has a comprehensive risk assessment tool that compiles reports and information about companies’ impact by country.

Environmental Justice Atlas has a tool for identifying conflicts linked to environmental impact (states and companies).

Shift has a report to guide companies on how they can identify and prioritise risks in the supply chains.

FIDH (International Federation of Human Rights) has a guide for organisations and victims that describes various complaint mechanisms.

  • Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Abuses A Guide for Victims and NGOs on Recourse Mechanisms

Verité has developed a tool that maps risks for different products.

The Responsible Sourcing Tool maps risks for a variety of products and sectors.

Know the Chain is a platform for companies and investors that wish to understand and manage risks for forced labour in their supply chains.

Fairphone has published a report that explains which materials and minerals are used to make smartphones.

  • Smartphone Material Profile